Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do I really need a divorce attorney?

     In today's economic climate, it may be tempting to try to complete a dissolution of marriage on your own.  You know your family, your assets and debt, and you know how you want it divided.  Sounds easy, right? Not so fast...

     In the years I have been practicing, I typically earn more fees in a case where I am fixing the mistakes that people made in the initial case than I would have made had I just represented the party when the divorce was initially filed.  There is a reason that lawyers have to go to school, pass the bar and gain valuable experience before they are able to competently represent someone -- the law is complicated!  One small error could cost thousands of dollars over a lifetime. 

     Take for example a military pension.  If the coverture fraction is incorrect, the final judgment doesn't provide for COLA or SBP, or the retirement is ordered as of date of retirement and not as of the date of filing, the difference could be several hundred dollars per month, which adds up over a lifetime.  It is critical to hire an attorney who is familiar with the specific issues in your case so that you can get the best outcome for the long term.

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